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For almost 20 years Norman Pardo and his team worked to unravel one of the most controversial figures and murders of all time. Norman became O.J. Simpson's boss and manager to gain trust and access to Simpson's closest confidants. Norman is now coming forward and telling everything that he knows. His testimony is clearly supported by the footage he obtained, researched facts, and documentation. Tired by the burden of secrets, including where to find other victims, lies and half truths born of the relationship with Mr. Simpson, Pardo is ready to free himself by putting an end to this twenty year saga. Hopefully by turning over the informants testimony and sealed files they will expose real serial killers alive today and help solve 100's of other cold cases.

A series of hidden facts expose our team to the unexpected killers of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman and uncover the killers hidden motive. Reluctant informants and many of Simpson's close confidantes decided to put their trust in Norman's team and unloaded boxes of never seen before explosive new evidence!

Various confidential informants provided Norman with terabytes of never before seen research material, facts and documentation, including confidential letters. This, combined with our team's own findings led us to a disturbing conclusion, including something had gone horribly wrong with O.J. Simpson's plan.

To prove our theory, we did the most in-depth investigation into the most infamous case of our time, from serial killers turned informants to the mob and more. With other lives possibly at stake, our team could not help but follow the Simpson case into even more terrifying terrain. The informants led our team to clues that could solve 100's of other cold cases. During our investigation, we encountered terrifying raids from fully armed SWAT teams using flash grenades on our office, proving we were on the right trail!!

Norman unpacks the shocking facts utilizing videos and in-depth research that lays out every key fact and detail. Examine the psychology and sociology of the killers behavior. See each clue and follow the investigation from start to finish, and study our teams research as we debunk each and every theory until the actual truth is finally revealed.

Norman traveled across America with the notorious O.J. Simpson entangling everyone who crossed their paths in a web of controversy. Norman's camera captured hours of interplay between O.J.'s adoring fans, seething enemies, and his friends, true and false. The secret tapes reveal Simpson's deceitful self-importance and true character and capabilities, which startles Norman with curious facets to this day. The many faces of O.J. Simpson is clearly supported by the roughly 70 hours of lost footage exclusively obtained by Norman Pardo.

Very soon this explosive new evidence will be available to you, the public in our evidence room!!!

Series In Production

Series in production:


Follow our team as we uncover victims across America and work to solve some of the most brutal killings ever documented. Follow us into the minds of some of the most horrendous murderers of all time.

To solve the Simpson cold case, we offered huge rewards and engaged in the most in-depth investigation of our time, from serial killers, to the mob and more. With other lives possibly at stake, our team could not help but follow the Simpson case into even more terrifying terrain. The Informants unsealed never seen before confidential information leading us to clues that could solve 100's of other cold cases. During our investigation, we encountered terrifying raids from fully armed SWAT teams using flash grenades on our office, proving we were on the right trail!!

Our team has been contacted by various informants via phone and by letter, some were real serial killers on Death Row turning on their own kind.

Various confidential informants, including convicted serial killers on death row, provided our team with never before seen research material, clues, and facts. The confidential conversations and unsealed files created a perfect road map to help our team locate victims and lead us on a journey into a world so sinister it has startled some of the most seasoned investigators on our team today. The Informants, combined with our own investigation, lead our team to a disturbing conclusion. We are slowly unraveling the hidden secrets of the real devil's rejects still operating in America today.

25th Anniversary Special

OJ Simpson Tells All:

    "OJ - What A Life"

OJ Simpson tells all in one exclusive interview, from childhood to the murders and beyond. Nothing is off limits in this explosive interview.

"June 12th 2019 is the 25th Anniversary"



Norman Pardo


Business Bio:

Norman is regarded as a pioneer of web programming and dubbed by the technology world as "SPIDERBOY" as he contributed so much towards the development of the web. When it comes to research material and clues "Spiderboy Rules The Web"

Aside from his programming skills, he is an expert in growing companies from start-up to IPO, strategy development and execution.

With him comes significant management experience from inception and creation of a company to taking the company public. Regarded as a pioneer of computer programming and branded by the technology world as the real "SPIDERBOY".

He is experienced at editing HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, SQL, database design and web development and has also worked with editing software like Homesite, Pinnacle, Premier, Final Cut, etc.

Technology History:

When he purchased his first computer in 1996 he became obsessed with HTML and programming. He later launched and took public his own online Search Engine, SPIDERBOY (Their slogan was "Spiderboy ruled the web") and single handedly created the code that initially powered Spiderboy and immediately started to compete with the likes of Google.

He is also an internationally recognized expert at marketing, product development, packaging, distribution, market research, press releases, live feeds, web casts, wire service distribution, product launches and press conferences as well as search engine marketing, analyze traffic/usage statistics for web sites, launch and measure effectiveness of advertising campaigns, working with web developers, IT staff and other members of the marketing team to execute campaigns that improve traffic and conversion ratios.

He is a strategic visionary with a clear sense of purpose and urgency when faced with diverse situational challenges during periods of both declining sales and rapid growth, and is also skilled at establishing operational excellence within culturally diverse environments, translating conceptual models into specific growth strategies, and planning/executing multi-faceted development campaigns.

Key qualifications include:

Real estate Investor/Developer, Acquisitions, Divestitures & Mergers, Joint Venture & Strategic Business Partnerships, Reorganization & Turnaround Management, Capital Investment Planning & Financial, Visionary Leadership & Strategic Planning, Technology Development & Internet Specialist, Investor, Wall Street & Banking Relations.

As a Corporate and Individual Coach:

He has also provided business and public relations expertise to real estate developers, politicians, corporations, individuals and celebrities. Design and implement strategies to increase public demand, which may encompass press releases, press kits, live feeds, pod cast, web casts, and wire service distribution managed crisis control. He thrives on special situations requiring immediate attention, assessment, damage control, resolution counsel.

He is known for taking bold initiatives in order to enhance shareholder value, or face a pressing issue on a business critical crisis, managed market expectations and timing, taking an assessment of market makers, share float, control persons, and liquidity issues surrounding stock and its performance, focusing on new sources of capital, both institutional and/or aggressive retail 144 placements.


He has personally appeared in Oscar winning films.

As a producer/director he created and distributed numerous films, and worked with some of the most distinguished film directors and celebrities in Hollywood.


As an amateur archaeologist, he is listed in the National Register of Historic Places for uncovering what the NRHP Registration Sheet described as "one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the region. Prehistoric Caloosahatchee Culture Period of Significance: 1749-1500 AD, 1499-1000 AD, 1000-500 AD.


National Register of Historic Places



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His many adventures provided him with the honor of appearing in countless news and TV shows like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CW33, ESPN, TMZ, Court TV, Access Hollywood, E!, AJ Media, CNN Headline News, HLN, BET, Fox News, AOL, Nancy Grace, Good Morning America, Extra, Inside Edition, Today Show, Eurweb, Express.co.uk, Hollywood Star, Daily Star.co.uk, 100's of radio broadcasts, exposure in Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post, Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo, The Sun, Daily Mail, US Magazine, People, Washington Times, Perez Hilton, The Grio, The National Enquirer, Radar Online, InTouch, The Globe, Parade, NY Post, MLive, GQ Magazine, Mirror.co.uk, New York Daily News, Mail Online, Inquirer, The News Press, Daily News, USA Today, Inquisiter, Esquire, The Guardian, Detroit Free Press, Nigeria News, The Christian Post and hundreds of other national and internationally circulated press media.



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